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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!


Happy Easter!

We hope you are all okay at home and have been enjoying lots of different learning and being able to learn new skills! Remember to keep on sending in your pictures or your work to us as we love getting to see what you have been up to. Remember, although Easter is going to be a bit different this year, to spend time with your family and have as much fun as you can. Hopefully you'll even get some Easter eggs to feast on and pass the time! It has been an odd time and we hope that we will be able to see you all soon as we miss seeing you all! 


We know lots of you have been working very hard, but it is important you give yourself a bit of time off over the Easter holiday. There won't be any new work set until Monday 20th April but the work below will remain on here. If you do want do something over Easter use this link below as you can go on over 60 different tours to explore places around the world. Mr Hughes is super excited to be getting some exploring in by visiting some of these places! Enjoy exploring!


Mr Hughes, Mrs Lipscombe, Mrs Benbow, Mr Jessett, Mrs Baker, Mrs Ford, Mrs Birch. 


We understand this is a very unusual time, life at home will never replicate a classroom and we do not expect that the children will be working all week as usual! On this page you will find a variety of activities under different subject areas, pick and select what you would like to undertake with your child/ren or even better to lead to greater independence, allow your child/ren to do this! 


We will update this page regularly with new activities, this doesn't mean that you are behind on activities or not completing enough, it is just an opportunity to keep things 'fresh' and hopefully interesting for you and your child/ren. There will be no expectation of work coming into school when we return (obviously if your child/ren would like to do this they are welcome to do so) neither will we be asking the children about individual tasks or what they did complete. If things don't go to plan or your child/ren is not getting something, please don't worry! If the basics of reading a few times per week, times table practice (on Times Table Rock Stars), practicing basic operations in maths (+, -, X, ÷) can be upheld this would be brilliant. 


If you have any questions about work whilst the school is closed, please email and Mr Hughes will be in touch to answer your question. Have fun and if there is anything you wish to 'teach' your children please do! 



Hello! We hope you are all ok and are having a good time at home. Hopefully we will be able to see you all again soon as it is rather odd not seeing you each day! 

All the tasks on this page are for you to pick from, there are lots of them and you don't need to keep up with how often we add them onto here, just work at your own speed and do the activities that you want to. We won't need to see any of the work when we do come back to school, but if you would like to share anything you are more than welcome to! A few of you have already sent us emails telling us what you have been up to or sent in pictures which we have loved seeing. You can send your pictures/emails or any questions you have about the work into 


Most of all, make sure you have some fun whilst at home. If you have an interest in something, then make sure you spend some time doing that or even learn about a subject or thing that interests you that you haven't had time to do before!

English task 1:


We would like you to complete the activities below, open the first document to understand what to do. Follow the steps, they are all clearly explained for you, for some of the tasks you may need to use the internet to search things or for the biography part speak to a member of your house or be really creative and message a friend to get the answers to the questions!

If you would like to send us any work, that we can share on this page, then send it to the year group email address. Mr Hughes will also be able to answer questions that you have if you send an email to here

Resources you may need:

English task 2:


Please visit the website that will provide you with a picture each and every day. Below the picture, on the website, there will be a variety of different tasks to undertake. These include:


- A story starter. The story will be started for you and you need to continue this on. Let your mind take the story where you wish to. It may help you to make a brief plan so that you know what you wish to write. Think of who your reader might be

and make it appropriate to them.


- A sentence challenge. There will be sentences that you have to read then a task underneath these for you to complete.


- Question time. These will be sentences to answer about the picture at the top of the website page.


- Perfect picture. This will be a drawing task about the picture. 


English task 3:


In our normal Monday SPaG sessions, we have been trying to revise all the different word classes. A few weeks ago, you created a song with a partner that helped you to remember their definitions. We would like you to create a song of your own that recaps the meaning of:








Your song can be to the tune of anything you like (nursery rhymes are usually quite easy, or maybe a song in the charts currently). We would love for you to film these and send them to us, maybe even send them to a friend or family member so that they can learn all about the different word classes too (make sure you get permission from a parent before sending these!).

English task 4:


Calling all story writers!


Below is a document which has a variety of different writing prompts and starters on. Look at the picture and the instructions/information around it and continue the task. Remember to use all of your story writing knowledge!





Have a go at completing an AR quiz on a book you have read. Use your login details and this website address below:




We would like you to continue with your Times Table Rock Star ( work and also your Sumdog ( work that you have been given a log in for. If you do not have your login information please email and Mr Hughes will get back to you with it.


On Times Table Rock Stars you have been set up with a variety of games to play and on Sumdog there are set tasks to complete.


Maths daily task:


Visit this website where there will be a daily video and tasks to complete. You can print them out or do them on any paper you have at home. There are lots of different year group tasks on there so you could work on Year 5 things or if you wanted to work at different pace you could challenge yourself to a higher year group or remind yourself of maths tasks you have learnt in other year groups!

Topic (Geography):

This task will take a few days/a number of hours to complete, do a little bit at a time until you work through it to complete it. 


Research one of the countries that the Titanic passengers came from (there is a list below the history family tree picture), and you need to find out the following:


- Information about where in the world the country is (continent, hemisphere, border countries, capital cities etc.).


- Information about land use (e.g. what type of land is there in the country such as mountain ranges, rivers etc. and how the land is used by the country).


- Information about the capital city (population, where in the country it is, key facts about it).


- Information about the climate (e.g. what is the weather like at different times of the year).


- Information about key tourist attractions that people would visit.


- Any other interesting information about the country that you think would be good to know about.


With this research, you can present this in any way you decide. It could be as a poster, a leaflet, a tv advert script it is entirely up to you! Be creative! If you want to have your work possibly shared on here then sent it to the year group email address at the top of this page. 


Topic (History):

Have you ever thought about your own history? Where you come from and who you are related to?

We would like you to create a family tree that shows as many relations as you can explore. Attached in an example, but be as creative as you like, do you want to add any aunties/uncles/cousins etc if so what will this tree look like?


This will be a great opportunity for you to ring family members and ask them questions. It would also be lovely to know some facts about the family members on the tree, what job did they do? Did they achieve anything surprising in their life?




Visit where you will find literally hours of different coding tasks to do. Pick from a huge list of activities and work through the instructions to create different coding activities. You don't need a username or password to use the website. 



  • Watch the Easter Story Song clip below video clip

and think what did Jesus do for the people of the world? (Focus especially when 2minutes in.)

  • Then think which people are making a real sacrifice for the sick and vulnerable now?

I’m sure you came up with those on the list there are others…


-members of the church

-policemen and women

-local people (volunteers) helping to get food and medicine to the most vulnerable

-NHS staff (doctors, nurses, chemist workers etc.)

-bin men

-food shop workers

-people in banks and garages etc.


  • Now, if you would like to, write your own prayer about the current situation.


Handy hints:

You might want to ask Jesus – God – Holy Spirit – to protect all the key workers mentioned above and to give thanks to key workers who are working to keep the country going.  Also ask God to help the situation.


Please see example below:

Dear Lord Jesus,

I want to thank-you for the ultimate sacrifice you paid when you died for the sins of the world.  At this time I also want to give thanks to all the key workers and volunteers who are either helping the sick, vulnerable, my family and me. Like the teachers, doctors, nurses, policemen and women and the volunteers I ask that you please give your protection over all and help us to stop the sickness. Lord hear my prayer. In your precious name. Amen.


  • Next you could create your own piece of artwork to go with your prayer. For example – showing some of these people above and God holding them in his hands…? Or a selection of these key people.


Be creative and have fun!  Mr Jessett would love to read all of your prayers when we return.

Health and fitness activities to do:


If you fancy moving around or want to get active why not give one of these links a go!


Joe Wicks is also going to be doing a live stream fitness workout at 9am each day. Feel free to join him, you can even join in on an online chat to say where you are from and discuss the workout. His workouts can be found below: 



Daily projects:

Have a visit of this website each day where there will be a 'word of the day' to create a piece of art work around it. You can even upload your artwork to the page so that other people can see it. You may need to ask your parents about uploading!


Art project:

We would like you to complete an artist study on Roy Lichtenstein. Print out the booklet and complete (if you cannot print the booklet, then just complete the activities on paper). If you don’t have any access to paint, then think imaginatively, what other materials could you use?

Design Technology (DT): 

In Design Technology it is really important that you research, design and make according to your audience. We would like you to design a maze game for someone in your family. Think about their age and ability, does it need to be easy or hard? Start of by thinking about how you will make the maze, do you have Lego that you could use? Maybe you could roll a marble along the Lego maze, or if you don’t have a marble, then a small ball or rolled up paper. If you don’t have Lego, could you use cardboard and rolled up newspaper to create the maze walls? Design your maze on paper. Create your maze with whichever materials you have chosen to use. Let someone try the maze and then evaluate it answering the following questions:

  • Was the maze challenging enough for the player?
  • Did the marble/ball easily move along the maze?
  • Did you find anything challenging when making the maze? Could you have done anything different to help you with this?
  • If you were to design and make a maze again, would you do anything differently?

See the attached pictures for some ideas of what your maze might look like. We would love to see some pictures of the mazes that you have created!

Independent Project Research:


This exciting project will take you a few days/ a number of hours to complete. Do a little bit at a time, perhaps a question at a time, to complete it. Think of a topic/ an area or a thing you are really interested in. Then write or type your answers in full sentences and most importantly in your own words. Be as creative as you can.


Things to include:

  • a front cover with the title, a picture and your name

  • then on each page write your question at the top and then write or type your answer.

  • if typing leave a space to add your own creative pictures, which you can draw or add by cutting and pasting. Alternatively, add/ draw tables if appropriate

  • finally add a contents page


Example Questions:

The Snow Leopard

  • Where do they live and in what kind of habitat?

  • What do they look like?

  • What do they eat?

  • What special features do they have and why?

  • How have they adapted to their environment?



  • What is Minecraft?

  • When was it created and by whom?

  • Explain how Minecraft works?

  • Is Minecraft popular and why?

  • What is your favourite Minecraft scene?

(Recreate it in anyway possible eg. make a model, make a cake etc

and take a photo to include)


Try to make your questions more open ended.  Use the what, why, where, who and how question starters to help you.

If you wish to have your project looked at, Mr Jessett will be judging all completed projects when we return to school.  Please bring them with you when we return to school. He will also be awarding prizes for the most creative and detailed ones. Good-luck and have lots of fun! 

Help your parents out!


Give your people at home some support around the house!