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School Fundraising

Why is fundraising important for the school? 

School fundraising events are vital in the acquisition of products, equipment and resources that will aid the children in the school both within their academic work as well as for wider benefits such as social and physical development. Previously, funds raised have been used to acquire IPad's, playground equipment, books, author visits and Christmas lunches to name a few! In the present climate of school budget cuts, fundraising helps the school to be able to provide some of these 'extras' that would not normally be able to be purchased. 


What events take place?


A number of events take place over the school year such as fairs, cake sales, Ice-Cream sales, sponsored bounces and discos to name a few, there are lots of exciting events planned for the year ahead! To ensure that these events take place Mr Hughes and Ms Jones undertake the organisation that is required which takes many hours per event. If you would like to help out in any way, please speak to Ms Jones via the school office who will take a note of your contact details. Any help is appreciated, which could be an hour leading up to an event preparing things or to helping during one of the events through the year. 


What is the school currently raising funds for?


Within the last few years the school has expanded, yet our playground facilities have not. In consultation with the School Council a plan has been drawn up to make our playground facilities stimulating, exciting and most importantly to allow for more space! Due to the cost and scale of the overall project, it has been broken down into 3 phases, the first being a trim trail area for the children to enjoy during break time and lunch time. The overall project will cost in the region of £30,000 which will include all of the various extras that have to be paid for (such as ground work and safety checks etc.). Whilst this is a large sum of money, it has been at the top of the children's request list for a number of years now and will allow for great physical engagement during their free time.