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Our Curriculum at Nyewood CE Junior School is highly ambitious for all of our children, aiming to equip them with the knowledge, skills and attributes required for their future life and world around them. Throughout our Curriculum design, ‘Life in all its Fullness,’ (John 10:10) underpins and permeates through our teaching and sequencing to learning to enable 'building brighter futures by learning happily through God's love'. Our learning journeys carefully link and follow on from the foundations provided at Nyewood CE Infant school to ensure our children continually build upon existing knowledge and skills. 


Our Curriculum intent is to allow our children:

- to be aspirational in everything they do;

- to achieve end of Key Stage expectations ahead of their Secondary School life;

- to be kind, caring and conscientious members of society;

- to develop collaborative and independent skills to apply to different contexts;

- to engage in real-life purposeful experiences;

- to secure their understanding of themselves and their place in the wider-world;

- to understand and celebrate the uniqueness of individuals. 


We firmly believe as a school that our children learn best when learning is connected and joins together to form a wider picture. Therefore our Curriculum has been carefully designed through a thematic project based approach driven by a scientific, historical or geographical area. This enables children to become 'experts' within subjects and their wider project learning allowing them to build upon existing knowledge and skills as well as securing and making wider links with their new learning. Within each project, there are carefully built in opportunities for teachers to allow children to retrieve, retain and consolidate learning as well as to gain secure understandings of children's progress and attainment. 


Quality texts drive our children's reading and writing journeys which enable them to carefully scaffold and support project learning. Each text has been carefully selected to enable a broad range of coverage (authors, diversity, equality, experiences, text type) to be explored through the children's time at Nyewood. Through whole-class guided reading, this enables all children to be thoroughly immersed within the text thus enabling them to be writers. Our journey of support within writing, through rich immersion, scaffolded writing experiences to independent application allow for children to succeed in their writing journey. Alongside Nyewood CE Infant School, we follow the Little Wandle Phonics scheme for those children who are at the early stages of their reading acquisition following their Key Stage 2 catch up provision. 


During their time at Nyewood CE Junior School, we ensure that projects and learning take account of our locality to ensure that our Curriculum is tailored to children's real life experiences and backgrounds. We have strong links to our local Churches, taking visits and Worship at them over the academic year. 

Please use the links below to find out more about each subject area taught at Nyewood CE Junior School. If you have any further questions about the Curriculum within the school, please speak to your child's class teacher in the first instance or contact Mr Hughes (Curriculum Leader) for further information.