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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!


If you have any questions about work whilst the school is closed, please email and Miss Grantham will be in touch to answer your question. Please bear in mind that we are still working full time looking after the children in our care and therefore you may not receive a reply straight away. Thank you for your understanding and patience.


If you are unable to print the activities, please complete them in Word or copy them into a notepad. Below you will find a copy of our weekly timetables in case you would like to follow this at home.


Thank you for your understanding in these unprecedented times.


Easter Holidays


Happy End of Term and Happy Easter Year 6!


Over the next two weeks, we are asking you to enjoy your time as it is the Easter Holidays! Eat chocolate, make bunny masks, have an egg hunt in your garden but most importantly, enjoy yourself! Below is a document of 'Virtual Tours and trips' that you and your family can experience - bring the experiences to you! Visit some unfamiliar places and learn some new facts.


School work will be uploaded as usual for the start of the Summer term on Monday 20th April.


Have fun!

It's the last week of term!


Hi to all Year 6! Myself, Mrs Owers and Miss Weller are missing you all lots but we are hoping you and your families are all well! We also hope that you are getting on with some work when you can. We would like to say how proud we are of you at this difficult time, so please make sure you are having some fun as well. Maybe you are learning a new skill, or practising one you already had! We also hope you are helping your grown ups and siblings as well. 


If you would like to share any of your work, or pictures, with us, please email them to as we would love to see it! We miss all your faces and hope to see you soon! Stay well and be good!


Miss G, Mrs O and Miss W x

English Task 1


Each day, the following website will release an image with a selection of tasks to complete relating to it. Look carefully about the image and think about the different features of a specific genre - remember all the genres we have covered this year. Have a go at completing a selection of fiction and non-fiction texts.


Remember GAP - Genre, Audience and Purpose! Use the spelling list within the SATs revision booklet to help with vocabulary. We look forward to reading some of your creations. 

English Task 2


We all know how creative and imaginative you all are. We would like you to put all those creative juices into creating some fantastic pieces of writing using the document below as a starting point. Within it, you will find questions and images to help prompt you to begin writing.


Think about your genre, audience and purpose. Think about your EGPS knowledge as well - can you get passive voice into your writing? Or any 3/4, 5/6 spellings? We look forward to reading your master pieces.


Remember, if you would like to send Miss Grantham, Mrs Owers or Miss Weller any pictures or work you have created, we would love to see them. Send them to Don't forget to put your name on it! :) 



It is really important that you continue reading between 3-4 times a week. You can read to yourself, your adults at home, your siblings, or even via social media to your relatives or friends.


Here is the link to the AR quiz system - you all know your username and password so get quizzing!


Also, if you fancy listening to a story being read to you, David Walliams is uploading stories every morning onto his website below:


If your adults at home have Instagram, celebrities are reading stories and uploading them onto the @savewithstories account. Remember, you are never too old for story time or picture books!



You may want to carry on with the style of maths learning we have been using in school. The below webiste will allow you to access activities and tasks to help you challenge your knowledge.


Below are a list of websites to help you with your maths. Have a go at the different challenges on SumDog and TTRS. If you have misplaced your TTRS password, or have not been given your SumDog password due to not being in school, please email Miss Grantham at and she will email it to you.

Sporting Research Project


Over the next week, we would like you to research a sportsman or sportwoman of your choice. This person can be from any sporting profession, for example: football, F1, running, swimming, badminton etc.


You must find out as much information as possible and present it in a way of your choosing. This project needs to include plenty of information written in your own words and not just copied and pasted from a website!


Think creatively, get drawing but remember to make the work your own! We look forward to reading all about them!


Topic Research Project

Non-Chronological report on Anne Frank


Over the last term, we have been learning about World War Two. One important figure to emerge from it was little Anne Frank. A Jewish girl who fled to Amsterdam to hide from the Nazis, Anne wrote a diary of what it was like living in hiding. Unfortunately, her family, and the two other families she was hiding with, were discovered.


We would like you to research Anne's life and learn about the 'secret annex' she was hiding in and create a non-chronological report about her. The following link allows you to have virtual tour of their hiding place - Miss Grantham has been there personally and it is an incredible place to visit if you ever have the opportunity. You may also find the attached dcuments useful too.


Like we have talked about in class, some parts of World War Two are incredibly sad, and it is ok to feel sad. But remember, the country came out the other side and became what it is because of it. Remember to talk with your family about some of the facts you are learning as well!

Geography Project


We would like you to research a country of your choice and produce a poster, PowerPoint, leaflet or information pack about it. You can choose a country from anywhere around the world! 


We are looking for the most creative and the most informative project and they will receive a prize once we are back at school!


Here are a few websites to get you started:


Good luck and have fun!

PE Activities



Fancy burning off some energy? Need to relax? Have a look at the websites below for an energetic HIIT workout for children as well as a calming yoga website to enjoy by yourself, with your siblings or even with your whole family!


Also, at 9am Mon-Fri, Joe Wicks (The Body Coach) will be leading a workout session, designed for children, on his YouTube channel for you to join in with. Why not join in before you have your breakfast! Remember to follow his lead and cool down properly afterwards.

PE Challenge


Now that you have had two weeks of working out with Joe Wicks, we would like you to create your own 'work out' routine for yourself and your family. You can also email them over to Joe Wicks and he may even use it on his daily 9am workouts! Send them to us as well - Miss Grantham and Miss Weller have been joining in with the sessions each morning!


Or, why not create a new walking / cycling / scooting route using google maps to use if you go for some fresh air with your family. Remember to stay 2m from people not in your household when doing this though!


We all know you love spending time on your devices. So, why not practise your coding skills by setting yourself up on 'Hour of Code'? It is free but you may need your adult at home to help create an account. 

Let's see what skills you all have!


If you are wanting a level to begin with, select grade 6 as this is the equivalent for you!

Happy coding!



Visit the following website each day where there will be a 'word of the day' to create a piece of art work around it. You can even upload your artwork to the page so that other people can see it. You may need to ask your parents about uploading!

Below you will find some work packs for you to have a go at. Look out for new packs to be uploaded to add to your learning!

Thinking of Others


While you are at home, think about your neighbours; especially any that are particularly elderly. Create a little postcard to drop through their letter boxes - please check with your adult at home before doing this. Think about messages of inspiration to help cheer their day up!