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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!


Welcome to our Year 3 learning page where you will find all at-home learning tasks. If you have any questions, please email the Year 3 email on


Each day we will upload a mixture of videos and tasks for you to complete. These are adapted tasks of our scrumdiddilyumptious project that we are learning this half term. The first part of our project is our learning "hook" to engage all of our pupils into the fun, term ahead! Please try to complete all of the tasks set as each of the week's learning will contribute to our "innovate" tasks later in the term which will require all learning to have taken place, whether it is at home or at school. 


There will be a mixture of core learning - Maths, English and Reading that will need to take place everyday. Where possible we will record videos to accompany all learning. This page will be updated daily. 


 Reading can be continued with as usual and quizzes can be completed using the following link, along with the log in, in the children's diaries.


Teams Calls



All children are invited to a class Teams call next week. Invites should be in your calendar sections - please RSVP if you have seen it and attending. It will be for about 15/20 minutes to have a catch up with everybody! If you can't attend, don't worry.


Salisbury - 11.30am Monday 

Westminster 9.30am Tuesday

Canterbury - 10am Wednesday

If you would like to follow the time table that we will be using in school we have uploaded them below.

Our curriculum follows a process of learning that our pupils journey through each term. The first week's lessons are our "engage" stage of learning which is why it is very hands-on. This engages children in our project, establishes the level of understanding they have at the beginning and enables us to plan for gaps in their understanding. At school, this would all be recorded in their books. However, this is a little challenging with pupils working from home so please email in work your children are completing so we can assess it and offer some feedback (please consider the fact we are also teaching key worker children full-time too but we will respond to the emails as soon as we can). As the project moves through the term, children will learn more knowledge and skills and then be presented with some assessment projects at the end of the half term. This will be a chance for them to show us everything they have learnt! 


This is the knowledge organiser for this project - we use this as a guide in school as a minimum level of knowledge that we like our pupils to have by the end of the project.

Knowledge organiser

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