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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!

A big, smiley smiley, "hello!" from all of the Year 3 team! We hope all of the learning tasks are going well at home. If you have any questions about work whilst the school is closed, please email and Miss Conrad will be in touch to answer your question.


Remember, we love seeing photos of everything you've been up to so please do email us pictures of your work, it puts a smile on our faces!

Year 3 Medium Term Plan Autumn term 2020-21

Final Week Learning Activities


This is your final week of learning before the summer holidays. We have put together a range of activities for you to have a go at doing and hopefully have some fun with. Remember we normally have Nyewood's Got Talent this week so please do send in your acts for us to see. We also always finish the end of term with a Games day where you can bring in a board game so this might also be something that you want to do at home.


We hope you have a really lovely summer holidays. We look forward to seeing you around school in September when you come back in Year 4!


Week 14 Learning Activities


This week we have a jungle theme for your learning. We have set you a challenge of making a rain maker and also there's the chance to make a parakeet out of some crafty bits that you might have at home! For your English, we would like you to write a letter to the zoo - arguing the issues with zoos and how this can be unfair on the animals. You also have the chance to make an animal calligram. In your Maths work, we would like you to learn about angles and measurement. There is also the opportunity to think about the effect of palm oil on orangutans - where you have a short video clip to watch. Lastly, there are some learning tasks that involves the rainforest. We have really enjoyed planning these activities for you his week so we hope you have fun with them!



Week 13 Learning Activities


This week your English work is a variety of work on poetry. We also have a pirate theme running through all of the activities. You have some pirate Maths challenges to complete which might involve some buried treasure! You also have some Science pirate investigations. There are also four topic lessons involving making your own treasure map, pirate flags and ships and famous pirates. 

Hello from Miss Conrad

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As it has been a little while since we have seen you all, we thought we would just say "hello!"

Hello from Mrs Green!

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Hello from Miss Lomax!

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Week 12 Learning Activities


This weeks learning has a science investigation theme. We would have been learning about Light and Dark at school so we have set you a project investigating this to see what you can find out. Remember Science is all about enquiry - asking your own questions and trying to answer them! You also have a lighthouse challenge where you need to label a lighthouse, draw a design for a working lighthouse and create a lighthouse. You will need to research lighthouses to see what you can find out about them. Finally, your Maths tasks this week are focussing on subtraction. 

Week 11 Learning Activities


We are continuing with our sea theme this week. Your first activity is asking you to look at the pictures and think about how beaches have changed over time - the similarities and differences. Your second task is a science activity about food chains - mix up the cards and create a food chain. Your Maths activities this week are all about money. We would also like you to write a persuasive leaflet to invite people to come on holiday to Bognor Regis. Lastly, you have an activity to make a punch and Judy puppet and create you own puppet show. 

Week 10 Activities


This week we have planned a David Attenborough and Blue Planet theme for you. You will find a range of tasks around the series Blue planet which consists of a range of tasks to choose from. One of them comparing a sea creature from our seas to a sea creature in a far away sea. Accessing Iplayer (if you can) and watching some of the series as it explains about plastic pollution and the impact this is having on all the animals in the ocean. Also, getting creative and designing and making a machine out of junk modelling to help combat the pollution. Your English task this week is to write a letter to your Year 2 buddy - we are hoping to display these in the Year 3 corridor so please send them in to us. Lastly, you have some art work on seascapes and 5 maths sessions too.


Week 9 Activities

We hope you all had a nice half term break! This week you have a range of activities to compete. You have the chance to create a sun dial to use in all this lovely sunshine that we have at the moment. There is also a homophones activity. You will also find an English task based on a scene from 'the piper' where you can create some descriptive sentences. There is also some music work and a tide times task for you. Lastly, you will also find some Maths investigations as well. 

Week 7 learning Activities


This week we have once again planned a range of fun activities for you. In the English document, you will find a link to Pobble where you can write a story about a sea creature. We have given you some checklists to help you think about what to include. Your topic tasks for this week are based on plastic pollution and you have the chance to design a poster or a picture made from recycling. You also have an RE lesson asking you to think about what you look after in the world. You also have a document explaining inverted commas and some tasks for you to try. Lastly, you have a final week on fractions.

Week 6 Learning activities

We are continuing with our 'Where the river meets the sea' topic this week. You will find some topic lessons linking to water. You also have some English about prepositions and another reading activity. Your Maths tasks for this week are continuing with Fractions and you also have the chance to get creative and build a time capsule! Have fun and as usual, send us in your hard work to the email address at the top of the page. 

Hello from Miss Conrad

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Hello from Miss Lomax

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Hello from Mrs Green

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Week 5 Learning activities


In the documents below, you will find some Maths involving fractions. There is also two English tasks, carrying on with our 'Where the River meets the sea' topic. You also have the chance to write a prayer. We would also like you to get creative and create a sea creature for us and there is a music task too. Your final activity is a reading task and if you haven't been listening already - Mrs Lipscombe has been reading a chapter a day of Harry Potter on our Facebook page which you might want to listen in to! 

Week 4 Learning activities


You still might have some learning tasks from last week to complete because we did set you rather a lot. However, for those of you that are ready for some more learning, here are some more tasks. You have some Maths that is focusing on fractions and how these can be used in everyday life. You also have some Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar tasks. There is a Bake Off challenge - which we hope you find fun! There is also some R.E, Art, PSHCE and a D.T project involving a water mill - linking to our topic. 


As always, we love seeing what you have been up to so please send us pictures of all your lovely work!


Week 3 Learning Activities 


This week, we would like you to use the story 'Flotsam' (we have uploaded the pictures of the book you will need), to write a story. The focus of your story is to use conjunctions and adverbials. This is explained in more detail in the uploaded documents. 


You also have some Maths investigations. 


We would have also been starting a new topic called 'Where the river meets the sea' this term. We have provided you with a range of activities to help you begin to investigate about a river's journey to the sea.


BBC Bite Size lesson schedule

In addition to the weekly tasks that are being uploaded for you, you can also use the BBC Bitesize Daily Lesson Schedule to watch television programmes and complete home learning. This is starting from Monday 20th April. The link for the schedule is below.



When you have completed your reading book, you can complete your AR quiz from home!


If you have books at home and want to check they are on the AR system you can use this website:


It is important to keep on reading, especially to an adult 3-4 times a week (keep a record of this in your reading diary).


We would like you to continue with your Times Table Rock Star ( work and also your Sumdog ( work that you have been given a log in for. If you do not have your login information please email and Miss Conrad will get back to you with it.


You can also follow the weekly tutorials and tasks set on the White Rose website in the Year 3 section. These will be updated weekly. 







Spellings are very important to us and we have been working very hard on them at school by introducing a new system. This award-winning website have also allowed free access to their app during this time. We would greatly appreciate some feedback with this as it could be an app that we have as a school in the future.



Health and fitness activities:


If you fancy moving around or want to get active why not give one of these links a go!

Other free useful and FUN websites or activities 

This website is a great boredom buster with lots of different ideas of activities that you can do at home whilst still learning!


Wildlife with Steve Backshall on Facebook

Everyday at 9.30am for answering all your wildlife, biology, conservation, geography and exploration questions. 


Science with Maddie Moate on Youtube

Weekdays 11am, Maddie and Greg chat about Science and nature.


Dance with Oti Mabuse on Facebook

Everyday at 11.30am but children can view the class at any time. 


Maths with Carol Voderman

Twice a week. Can view at any time. 


Storytime with David Walliams 

Free story everyday at 11am on his website. 


Fancy a sing-along?

Wayne Barrow has a Youtube full of all your favourite songs for you to sing-along to! 




Have a go at visiting this website and listen to the music on here. Follow each step on the website to create a variety of different tasks. You can even upload your finished product to the website!


Another great music themed idea is the 'Wiggle Jiggle' warm-up. Watch the video here and join in. If you can get someone at home to video your performance then send it in to us at