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Our Staff

We have eleven classes in our school.  There are 3 classes of Year 3,  Year 5 and Year 6 children with 2 classes in Year 4.  All classes are mixed ability however children may be grouped for particular aspects of their learning within their classroom to allow them to be supported and challenged within their learning journey. Children are supported within their class by their class teacher as well as our team of amazing teaching assistants.  Children with more specific needs e.g. Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) and English as an Additional Language (EAL) will be supported through more focussed individual or group work during the school day. 


In line with Government guidelines, all teachers receive 10% non-contact time in order to carry out Planning, Preparation and Assessment of pupil progress (PPA Time).  In order to maintain continuity for children, PPA time at Nyewood is carried out by established staff at the school by Teachers and Higher Level Teaching Assistants. 


All of our staff, whether directly supporting children in class or not, are dedicated to ensuring our children reach their full potential, feel safe and feel happy during their time at the school. If you wish to speak to any member of staff, please do not hesitate to contact them via the office or directly in person.

Senior Leadership Team:


Mr. Tom Spurle (Interim Headteacher)

Mrs. Kim Wood (Interim Assistant Headteacher and Year 3/4 leader) currently on maternity leave

Mr. Ollie Hughes (Interim Assistant Headteacher and Year 5/6 leader)

Mrs. Kate Miller (Inclusion Manager)

Mrs. Mindy Fowler (Business Manager)



Year 3 team:


Mr. Chris Galloway - Westminster Class (Interim Year 3/4 phase leader)

Miss Emma Lomax - Canterbury Class

Miss Abby Erskine - Salisbury Class

Mrs. Lynne Lee 

Mr. Graham Banks

Mrs. Emma Oakes

Mrs. Emma Bradley

Mrs. Sarah Morgan


Year 4 team:


Miss Emma Grantham -  Gloucester Class

Miss Ellie Holley - Peterborough  Class

Mrs. Helen Eldridge

Mrs. Serena Fulcher

Miss. Gemma Beattie

Year 5 team:


Miss Bea Young - Lichfield Class

Mr. Chris Campbell - York Class

Miss Chloe Bleach - Exeter Class

Mrs. Jill Ford

Mrs. Leanne Spearpoint

Mrs. Sally- Ann Baker

Mrs. Ellie Willard-Mills



Year 6 team:


Miss Sophie Weller - Oxford Class

Mrs. Carol Owers - Winchester Class

Mrs. Emily Lipscombe - Guildford Class

Mrs. Leah Higgins - Guildford Class

Mrs. Rachel Reynolds

Mrs. Pam Ayers

Mrs. Sherryl Urquhart

Mrs. Nina Hansford




Inclusion Team


Mrs. Kate Miller - Inclusion manager

Mrs. Zoe Chandler - SEND provision

Mrs. Sally Ann Baker - Lead Teaching Assistant

Mrs. Wendy Baker - ELSA

Mrs. Christine Banks - LSA

Mrs. Sarah-Jayne Edwards - LSA 

Mrs. Sian Elliman- LSA

PPA Cover


Mrs. Donna Williams 

Mrs. Kerra Benbow

Mrs. Sarah Morgan 

Mrs. Sherryl Urquhart

Administration team:


Mrs. Emma West (Finance/Healthcare Lead)

Miss Becky Evans (Receptionist/Fundraising and Wellbeing Lead/Youth Mental Health First Aider)

Miss Emma St.Clair (PA to the Headteacher/Transition and Attendance)

Premises staff:


Mr. Mark Weller (Premises Manager)


Midday meal supervisors:


Mrs. Pam Ayers 

Mrs. Tracy White

Mrs. Sherryl Urquhart

Mrs. Sarah-Jayne Edwards

Miss. Emma Bradley

Mrs. Louise Gillen

Mrs. Rachel Reynolds

Mrs. Wendy Baker

Mrs. Bianca Smith

Miss. Gemma Beattie

Mrs. Ellie Willard-Mills

Chartwells Kitchen Team: