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Our Staff

All of our staff, whether directly supporting children in class or not, are dedicated to ensuring our children reach their full potential, feel safe and feel happy during their time at the school. If you wish to speak to any member of staff, please do not hesitate to contact them via the office or directly in person.

Senior Leadership Team:


Mr Jon Williams (Headteacher)

Mr Tom Spurle (Assistant Headteacher)

Miss Liz Vaughan (Assistant Headteacher) 

Mrs Mindy Fowler (Business Manager)

Miss Kim Conrad (Year 3 leader)

Mr Chris Campbell (Year 4 leader)

Mr Ollie Hughes (Year 5 leader)

Miss Emma Grantham (Year 6 leader)

Year 3 team:


Miss Kim Conrad (Year leader)

Mrs Tara Green 

Miss Emma Lomax

Mrs Lynne Lee 

Mrs Heather Cairns

Ms Kerry Cronk

Mrs Emma Oakes


Year 4 team:


Mr Chris Campbell (Year leader)

Mr Chris Galloway 

Miss Beatrice Young

Mrs Pam Ayers 

Mrs Sherryl Urquhart 

Mrs Helen Eldridge


Year 5 team:


Mr Ollie Hughes (Year leader)

Mr Andrew Jessett

Mrs Kerra Benbow

Mrs Emily Lipscombe

Mrs Wendy Baker

Mrs Karen Smith

Mrs Jill Ford

Mrs Emma Birch 

Year 6 team:


Miss Emma Grantham (Year leader)

Miss Sophie Weller

Mrs Carol Owers

Mrs Sarah-Jayne Edwards

Miss Zoe Molus

Mrs Amanda Perry

PPA Cover


Mrs Donna Williams

Miss Leah Higgins

Lead Teaching Assistant


Mrs Sally-Ann Baker

Administration team:


Mrs Emma West (Finance/Healthcare Lead)

Ms Becky Jones (Receptionist/Fundraising Lead)

Mrs Emma Yilmaz (Receptionist)

Mrs Emma St.Clair (PA to the Headteacher)

Premises staff:


Mr Mark Weller (Premises Manager)


Midday meal supervisors:


Mrs Pam Ayers 

Mrs Kerry Cronk

Mrs Marcia Avery

Mrs Tracy White

Mrs Sherryl Urquhart

Mrs Sarah-Jayne Edwards

Mrs Kerry Cronk

Mrs Amanda Perry

Chartwells Kitchen Team:


Gemma and Agnes