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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4! 


We have lots of fantastic activities planned for you this year. Please keep an eye on our Year 4 page to see updates on our work and useful websites to help you with your learning.

Throughout the year, if you have any questions or queries, please email and Miss Grantham will reply as soon as she is able.



Norman King Candidates

Last week, the Year 4 children began their project of 1066 by meeting the 3 possible candidates to take over from Edward the Confessor, King of England at the start of 1066. He had died without leaving an heir, leaving a large debate as to who was going to lead England.


The children met and interviewed:

-Harold Godwinson, Earl of Wessex,

-Harald Hadrada, King of Norway,

-William, Duke of Normandy.


Throughout the week, the children then learnt more about each candidate before having a class debate on the issue. Eventually, they learnt who was to become the new king. We'll let them tell you though!



Activities at Home

Below, you will find a couple of documents to help if you are wanting to do some research about the project at home. Have a look at the Home Learning document as this has some fantastic ideas you could try with your adults and siblings at home. Bring them in or email pictures to us and we can show everyone in class.

Year 4 Times Tables Practise


Later this year, the children will be taking part in a Multiplication Check as part of the assessments for the end of Year 4. This will be an check completed on the computers and is a timed task. We will send information out about this nearer the time.


Below, you will find some websites that will support your child in answering accurately and with speed. The children can also continue using TTRS to support their knowledge.

Year 4 MTP 2021-22


We are always doing lots of reading during school time but if you read a book at home, you can complete the quiz at home instead! Follow the link below to log in!

Good Luck!