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Wednesday 3rd March

Activity One:

Activity Two:

Activity Three:

Activity Four:

Mr Campbell's Card Trick

Mr Campbell's Card Trick Explanation

English and Maths tasks (these are OPTIONAL if you wish to complete them):

English task one:


Pop onto Pobble by clicking HERE. You can either use today's image or if you don't like it click on the calendar in the top right hand corner where it says 'pick a day' which will let you pick another image.

Once you have done this, below the image there are a range of different English related tasks for you to complete.


English task two:


Have a look at this lesson HERE that looks at different sentence types which is a really important Year 5 writing skill.


Maths task:


Follow the link HERE to find out more about plotting shapes in grids. This will be something we will be learning about later on in the year which will give you a handy head start! wink


If you finish the maths lesson above, continue with the next part HERE.