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Wednesday 14th October

Good morning Year 5! 


We hope you are all okay today and wanted to once again say how impressed we all were at how sensibly you took the news yesterday and calmly waited for your parents to collect you. 


Today we would like you to complete some of the activities from the booklet below (at least 6 pages), you may also want to use some of the other links below if you finish quickly or have some extra time available.


Tomorrow (Thursday) we will be uploading videos from Mr Hughes, Miss Higgins and Mrs Green to start you off on the learning tasks for the day, so make sure you check back tomorrow for those lessons. 


Good luck, try to complete as much as you can, but remember to have a break time along the way! 


The Year 5 team smiley


p.s. Some of you wanted to be reminded of what times we work during the day and when are our break times so you can set your day out. Here they are:

8.35-9.10 Spellings and guided reading

9.10-10.15 Maths


10.15-10.30 Break time

10.30-12.30 Project work 


12.30-1.30 Lunchtime 


1.30-1.50 DEAR (Drop Everything And Read)

1.50-2.55 Project work

2.55 Getting ready for home time. 

Additional Tasks for Wednesday (if you have extra time or want to complete some extra tasks):

Times Table Rock Stars:


A target in Year 5 is for you all to improve at your knowledge and speed of knowing your times tables and division facts. Today, and everyday, make sure you log into your account and practice your times tables and division facts. It will really help in maths when we return as you will be using them in nearly every lesson after half term! Click on the image below for the login page:



Writing challenges:



Question time!

Look at the image above and answer the questions below using full sentences.


  1. Do you think he is a mean or a kind troll? Why?
  2. What are the people doing when they have seen the troll?
  3. Would you try to catch him or talk to him?
  4. Where do you think the troll has come from?
  5. What do you think the rope around the troll’s waist is for?


Story starter!

Below is the start of a story involving the Troll, can you continue it on? What adventures will the Troll continue to go on? What devastation will he cause? Try to use as much show not tell language (think about how the people reacted, what did their faces and bodies show/do? What does the Troll's body or face show?):


Thump! He slammed his enormous, grass-covered foot into the middle of the road, sending shockwaves of dust in all directions.

With a loud grunt, the troll wrenched the entire, fully tiled roof off a nearby holiday home, with the owners peering helplessly and frightened out of the downstairs windows. He didn’t mean any harm, but he just couldn’t help himself…


Perfect picture!

Where do you think the troll lives? Can you draw or describe what you have imagined?



Click on the image below. When you are on the website click on the 'Practice/Test' link (it has a red free sign next to it), to practice the spelling rule for today.