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Tuesday 5th January

Roman Day


Although you may not be in school today, we would like to kick our topic off still with our Roman Day. Below are the different activities for you to complete throughout the day, using things you may find around the house.


Please send some pictures in of you dressed up and some of the work you have completed!


Have fun!


Below you will find a variety of maths linked to the Romans. Follow the PowerPoint to find out which maths group you are within your class. Work through the activities within the PowerPoint before having a go at your group's task.


We can learn a lot about the Romans from the images created after the empire collapsed. Using the images within the document, complete a number of description tasks. Remember to using 'wow' vocabulary and vary your openers to hook the reader. 


Did the Romans use Loo Roll?

This is the question you are going to be investigating today! Use items around the house to help you as well as the documents below. Use loo roll sparing though - and PLEASE do not be gross!

We can't wait to hear your answers and see pictures of you investigating!