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Thursday 11th February

Guided Reading


Here are the 'perfect' answers for this text. Please compare the answers to what you wrote down yesterday.


I - Which do you think was the most likely cause of the Mayan civilisation declining? Why?

The text gives several reasons for the decline of the Maya, such as: disease, wars, drought and natural disaster. I believe it was more likely to be disease or drought as they would probably be a record in history of a war that wiped out a civilisation.


P - Why do you think people still live in the traditional Mayan way of life in modern times?

Some people still live in the traditional way of life of the Maya, they might do this to show respect to their ancestors or maybe they feel a simpler way of living is more beneficial to them.


E - Do you think it is a good idea that each Mayan state had its own king? Explain fully.

Yes, it was a good idea as one person ruled a small area and the people within it. Although, the text states that these rulers wanted more power and there were frequent wars. Perhaps it would have been more beneficial for one person ruling the country to prevent these wars.


R - What did nobles and priests do in Mayan society?

They were the scribes and astrologers.


S - Who would you like to be in Mayan society? Why?

It would be very different to what I am used to. But I think it would be good to live like that as it seems a nice, simple way of life. Apart from the wars!


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