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We are extremely proud of being a Church of England School, and as such the core of our religious teaching is Christianity.  Through acts of Daily Worship and whole school celebrations of key Christian festivals the children learn about the Christian values that underpin our ethos here at Nyewood.  However, in keeping with the inclusive aims of the school to prepare children as citizens of the wider world and to appreciate the views and attitudes of others, we also learn about other religions and traditions. 


Therefore the children will be Learning about religion.


This means we will learn about:

  • The God who reveals the truth about himself and humanity through creation, the giving of the law, his action in history and through the prophets;
  • The God who reveals himself ultimately in Jesus his Son, living among us and dying and rising for us;
  • The God who reveals himself in his spirit working in the living faith of the Church experienced through scripture, tradition and reason.


And also by Learning from religion


This means we learn from:

  • An empathetic response to the Christian faith and a critical engagement with it;


  • Responding personally to the transforming power of Jesus Christ;
  • Developing a vision for life that transcends a dull materialism and recognises the reality of the spiritual realm;
  • Understanding ourselves and others, celebrating our shared humanity and the breadth of human achievement;
  • Examples of Christian living which give priority to the claims of justice, mercy, holiness and love.


 RE in our school should also help pupils to:


  • learn about other faiths, their beliefs, traditions and practices and from them through encounter and dialogue;


  • recognise and respect those of all faiths in their search for God;


  • recognise areas of common belief and practice between different faiths;


  • enrich and expand their understanding of truth while remaining faithful to their own tradition;


  • enrich their own faith through examples of holy living in other traditions;


  • recognise the common human quest for justice, peace and love and the common goal of the survival of life on this planet.