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Today we would like you to begin researching about Space (which is what we would have started our project off with). During this task there is a recording sheet below to help you structure your research. Remember to just make notes at this stage (this is key words or short sentences) for each section. This will help you to become knowledgeable about our project before we start learning about some aspects in more detail. The more you find out now, the easier your work will be later on in the project. 


Things to think about:

- Look at the recording sheet below before you start so you know what to research.

- Use some of the websites below to help start your research.

- Remember to use notes.

- Use your own words, not just copying down from a website or book. This is so that you don't end up writing things

down that you don't understand!

- If you have other areas of space that you know  a little about or even a lot about then research/record notes about these areas and you will be able to use this in the next few lessons!


Website links to start your research (you are all very capable of this in school so there are just a few to start you off below). Remember to use search terms such as 'Space facts KS2' or 'Space information for children' which will help make the information on the web pages easier to read and understand:


 The Sun :


The Sun: