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Video for today:



Activity for today:


Today you are going to be writing a top 10 list of questions or a letter to Tim Peake. We have a contact address for him so if you want to email in your questions or letter then send it to the year group email and they will all be sent off to him so that we might get an answer back! How amazing would that be!


If you are doing the questions think about:


- Making sure they are interesting and a bit different to questions he may have been asked before.

- Remember to punctuate your questions.

- Think carefully about the type of questions you ask, you want to avoid questions that are just 'yes' or 'no' answers.


If you are doing the letter think about:


- Making sure that you introduce yourself in the first paragraph and where you're writing from e.g. Bognor Regis.

- In your main paragraph/s ask him some questions and also tell him what you have been learning about space. You might also ask him some questions about what you have been learning.

- Write your final paragraph thanking him for his time and that you hope he replies!