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Video for today:

Activity for today:


Firstly, ensure you have watched the video above as it explains clearly what to do.

You will need to write your instructions on how to make your rocket. Follow the steps in the video and also use the toolkit below to make sure you use ALL of the features.


There is an example of how to write your instructions below. For your actual instructions these need to be very clear and detailed steps, not simply collect your items needed to make the rocket and then make it!


Example instructions:


Have you ever dreamt of launching to space? Do

you want to reach places you've never gone before?

Are you the next NASA astronaut? If so, these

carefully put together instructions will help you on

your way to fulfil your dreams to get you to the stars.


Things you will need:


To be successful, simply follow the instructions below:


1) To start, you will need to clear a workspace and also

collect all of the items you will need from the list above.

2) Carefully, with a pair of scissors, cut the top (this is

normally the bottom part of the bottle) off so that

you will be able to fix the cone shaped object onto the

top of the rocket.

Toolkit features to use: