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Miss Higgins and Mr Hughes' maths groups

Hello everyone!


Maths lessons will be set out the same way each day.


1) There will be a video 'teaching' you what you need to know for the lesson. You may need to pause the video to work things out before it moves onto the next part so make sure you are listening carefully!


2) There will be some work/questions that you need to complete. You can either print them off and do them on the sheet or copy them down onto a piece of paper!


3) There will be some reasoning questions to answer to make you think about what you have learnt today. Again either print them off or write them down on a piece of paper. 


Over the next few days you will be looking at statistics (bar charts, graphs, tables etc.) which is what we would have been doing in school!

1) Video for today:

Interpret charts

2) Questions for today:


3) Reasoning for today: