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Guided Reading

Note to parents:

In school, we undertake whole class guided reading. On the first day we read the new text (we cover many different genres over a half term) then discuss the language before identifying unknown vocabulary writing down the definitions for these words. On the second day we answer questions about the text whereby we need to re-read the text and answer the questions using full sentences. After we have done this, on the third day, we discuss as a class what the 'perfect answer' would be. If we get these correct we tick them to show this or we write in the actual agreed 'perfect answer' which helps to embed these into our memories.


This system is known as VIPERS:
Vocabulary - completed on the first day.

Inference - making reference to the text using evidence to support an answer.

Prediction - predict what might happen from what they know from the text.

Explain - identify/explain how the content is related and contributes to the whole text.

Retrieval - record the key aspects/details from the text.

Summarise - identify the main ideas from and across paragraphs.

We follow this system as part of the National Curriculum objectives as it allows for the children to become well -rounded readers and be prepared for their end of Key Stage assessments. 


The tasks set over the next few days of home-learning will follow the format above.


Guided reading for today


Hello everyone,


Each guided reading lesson will start with a video to explain what you need to do. Below the video will be any documents you might need to help you as well as pictures from the whiteboard that you may not be able to see in the video.


Today's guided reading session will be reading through the new text (you could do this on your own or read it to someone at home) before exploring the new vocabulary and writing down the definitions of these new words. 

Tasks to complete:


1) Read through the text below:

2) Find out and write down the definition of each of these words below (you could always use an online dictionary such as clicking here). Once you have completed this you could write each word into a sentence.


- Shrewd


- Desperately


- Exhilarating 


- Frequent


- Interminable 


- Flabbergasted


- Engrossed 

Slides used in the video (click to make bigger):