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Spellings, Guided Reading & Phonics


Each week, we would like you to select 5 different spellings from the Year 3/4 spelling list below and practise them for 10minutes just like we do in school. You will find a pdf of spelling activities (similar to the ones we do in school) to help you complete these activities.

On a Friday, get an adult at home to test you on those 5 spellings. If you get them right, select a new 5 next Monday. Any you get muddled on, continue that onto the next week - just like we do in school. We do not need to see you spelling tasks emailed in but we are trusting you to have a go at these while at home.

Guided Reading

Below you will find this week's text about the Romans. Following the slides on the PowerPoint and our VIPERS program complete the tasks using the information from the text to support your answers. Remember, while at home you can be reading and doing your AR quizzes too as well s getting your adults or older siblings to ask you questions about any text you are reading (e.g. school book, home book, information poster, blog post etc.)




Below, you will find a daily phonics activity for those who do phonics with Mrs Baker and Mrs Ford. Have a go at the activity sheet, and see if you can even complete the challenge at the bottom of it.