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Friday 12th February

Nearly there everyone! blush


Today is slightly different to normal, please watch the video below before you start with everything else for the day!

Video One to watch:

Activity 1:


If you wish to print off the resources for today, then use the link below. If you can't then there are screenshots of each activity below each task for you to look at.

Make sure you have watched the video above which explains clearly and gives examples of what to do. Once you have watched the video, then complete the task below or activity one from the booklet:


Activity 2:


As explained in the video, your next task is to complete a quiz on what you have learnt so far by clicking HERE.

TEAMS CALL 11:30-12:30pm:


You will need to copy and paste this into the internet. Make sure you COPY THE WHOLE ADDRESS otherwise it will not work. This will take you to the TEAMS meeting:

After the teams call (maybe have some lunch first!), continue onto tasks 3 & 4:

If you couldn't access the Teams call then please look through this document:
Activity 3:

You are going to propose a new law to parliament!


For this you have to come up with something you wish to



You will need to set out:

- Why your change is needed or important.

- How it will make life better/safe/improved in our country.

- Why MPs should vote for it.


Fill out the example below or in the booklet if you have printed this off (it is explained how to fill it in during the video so make sure you have watched the one above activity 3):


Mr Speaker, today I propose that (write here fully explaining the law you wish to change or make) ...


What I propose here today Mr Speaker will (explain here fully all the reasons why and how it will improve or change people’s lives)...


Members of the house should support this proposal (persuade the other MPs in the house why they should vote for your law)...


Activity 4:




Your final task of the day and before half term is to write a letter to your local MP. He is called Nick Gibb. Make sure you have watched the video above to help you do this. Then use the template below or in the booklet if you have printed it off to help you write it. Nick Gibb's address is on the template so if you ask your parents they may let you post it off and you should hopefully then get a reply- if you do keep hold of it and bring it into school!



Write you address here so he can write back to you!


Nick Gibb

2 Flansham Business Centre
Hoe Lane
Bognor Regis
PO22 8NJ

                                                                                                Friday 12th February 2021

Dear Mr Gibb,


As one of your constituents I would like to introduce myself. My name is                               and I






I would like to know what you are planning to do about






The issue is important to me because







I think you should






Yours sincerely,