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Video for today:

Activity for today:

Today, you will be writing the main paragraphs to your newspaper report. Make sure you have watched the video above as Mr Hughes shows you two examples of what this might look like.

You need to concentrate on using these toolkit features in your main paragraphs:


- Past tense.

- Conjunctions.

- 5 Ws in more detail.

- Chronological order (correct order).

- 3rd person.

- Variety of sentence lengths.


Below is the example Mr Hughes writes in the video so you can look at it for ideas during your writing time:


After leaving Earth to gain orbit into space, their mission

took 4 days, 6 hours and 45 minutes aboard their Apollo

11 spacecraft. The spacecraft was made up of 3 different

modules to help the astronauts carry out their ground

breaking mission to the moon. As the astronauts approached

the moon's surface, the lunar module touched down at

8:17pm making the 20th July a date for history!


Astronaut Neil Armstrong (aged 26) became the first of

mankind to set foot on the moon's surface making his way

into history books for ever more. Buzz Aldrin (aged 22)

closely followed Armstrong who went about carrying out

various experiments and collecting moon rock samples to bring

back to Earth for NASA scientists to analyse. Finally,

before leaving the moon, they left behind an American flag

to symbolise that the USA won the race to space.