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Video for today:

Activities for today:


Activity 1:


Your first task is to read the text below and highlight any unknown vocabulary that you don't know the meaning of. Next, you need to write a definition for each word, as well as a definition for the words that we would like you to find the meaning of. You could use an online dictionary or a paper dictionary to help you do this. 

Activity two:


The next task is to answers the questions about the text. Remember you may need to re-read the text to help you!


There are 2 ways of doing this (read each one before you have a go):


- Use the word document below to either write your questions onto or use a piece of paper at home to do this.


- Use the online quiz to write your answers. Click on the link HERE. You will be asked to enter your name then it will ask you to start the quiz. You will need to read the question carefully, then type in your answers. Once you have finished the answers come to your teachers in school! 

Activity Three:


Once you have written your answers to the questions, listen to the video to check how you did. Did you get the perfect answer? How can you improve your answers for next time? 

Activity Four:


For this task you need to summarise what you have learnt about Neil Armstrong. Remember to summarise something you basically have to explain what you have just read in only a few words, this give the reader a rough idea of what the text might be about. Aim to do your summary in between 20 to 35 words, making sure you write this down. If you have someone at home to help, why not record your summary and send it into us via email?