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Additional Tasks

Times Table Rock Stars:


A target in Year 5 is for you all to improve at your knowledge and speed of knowing your times tables and division facts. Today, and everyday, make sure you log into your account and practice your times tables and division facts. It will really help in maths when we return as you will be using them in nearly every lesson after half term! Click on the image below for the login page:



Click on the image below. When you are on the website click on the 'Practice/Test' link (it has a red free sign next to it), to practice the spelling rule for today.

Accelerated Reader:


Have you been reading at home? Need to take a quiz? Then click the image below to head to the login page for your reading quizzes!

Writing task:



Story starter!

Look at the image above of a sky dive taking place over Dubai. Can you continue the story using your own speech as well as description? 


“I truly have the best job in the world.” said Sam to himself as he gripped the leg of one of his fellow skydivers while gazing at the incredible view beneath him. Every day while his friends dressed in suits to attend meetings, Sam led group skydiving sessions over the city of Dubai.

That morning, Sam seemed more aware than usual of the sights as he soared. The trunk of the Palm Jumeirah lay majestically beneath them, hosting what looked like a million matchbox houses. Sam knew that in fact the buildings were more like mansions than matchboxes but they looked miniscule from his aerial view.

As they floated peacefully through the air, Sam noticed something unusual, just at the foot of the Palm’s trunk. His eyes widened as it came into view…


Question time!

- How are the skydivers feeling?

- What do you think Sam could have seen at the foot of the palm’s trunk?

- If you were given the chance to skydive, would you like to do it?

- What else do you think Sam and the skydivers could see other than the matchbox houses?


Perfect picture!

Can you draw the unusual object that Sam spotted? Be as creative as you can!



Continue developing your coding skills by using the links below to today's challenges!