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Additional Tasks

Writing task:


Story starter!

Can you continue the story on for the surprised mouse?


Slowly and cautiously, he raised his small, curious face above the ground, just as he did every morning. His shiny, black eyes surveyed the scene in front and around him, checking that the coast was clear for the start of the breakfast expedition.

Suddenly, he saw it…Sitting there right in front of him. His eyes widened, transfixed on the sight he saw in front of him, and his jaw dropped open in astonishment. Was it really there? Were his eyes playing tricks on him?

Abruptly, he awoke, as if he had been caught in a dream. Twitching his whiskers, he realised that he had to act NOW, unless he was to miss his chance…


Question time!

Use the image above to answer the questions below using full sentences:

- What is it that has surprised him?

- Can you describe what it is using your senses?

- Are animals’ brains the same as ours?

- Do they think in the same way as us?

- Do all animals think the same as each other, e.g. does a mouse think the same as a lion? Can you try and explain your answer?

- What about people? Do we all think in the same way?


Perfect picture!

What do you think the mouse can see in front of him/her? Is it danger or is it something good? Draw what you have imagined!




Click on the image below. When you are on the website click on the 'Practice/Test' link (it has a red free sign next to it), to practice the spelling rule for today.


Times Table Rock Stars:


A target in Year 5 is for you all to improve at your knowledge and speed of knowing your times tables and division facts. Today, and everyday, make sure you log into your account and practice your times tables and division facts. It will really help in maths when we return as you will be using them in nearly every lesson after half term! Click on the image below for the login page:



Today you have the opportunity to set up an experiment to see why it is essential to clean your teeth so that they do not decay or rot! 


Use the instructions below to help set up and run the experiment (speak to an adult first so that they are happy for you to do this and possibly help you with the set up), then once you have completed the experiment make sure you write up your findings using the headings further down the page!



You will need the following equipment:





Fizzy flavoured drink




- Pour the same amount of fizzy drink, vinegar, water and tea or coffee into your jars.

- Add a whole raw egg still in it’s shell to each, cover an extra egg with toothpaste and also place in tea/coffee.

- Leave for approximately three days.

- Remove the eggs.

- Rinse the egg kept in vinegar and rub gently until the shell comes away. What do you notice about the other eggs?


Now you have completed your experiment, answer the following:

- Prediction: what did you think would happen?

- Equipment: what did you need to run your experiment?

- Fair test: what did you keep the same to make the experiment fair?

- Method: how did you carry out your experiment?

- Results: what did you find out happened to each egg?

- Conclusion: was your prediction correct? What did the experiment show you?