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Additional Tasks

Times Table Rock Stars:


A target in Year 5 is for you all to improve at your knowledge and speed of knowing your times tables and division facts. Today, and everyday, make sure you log into your account and practice your times tables and division facts. It will really help in maths when we return as you will be using them in nearly every lesson after half term! Click on the image below for the login page:




Click on the image below. When you are on the website click on the 'Practice/Test' link (it has a red free sign next to it), to practice the spelling rule for today.

Writing task:


Story starter!


Fluffy had thought that the grass in her new field tasted slightly peculiar. Several moments after taking a cautious nibble she began to slowly lift off the ground...


Can you continue the story?


Question time!

Look at the image above and answer these questions using full sentences: 

- Why do you think Fluffy had been moved to a new field?

- How high will she rise?

- Will she ever come down? If so, where might she land?

- Will the same thing happen to the other sheep?

- What do you think has caused this to happen?

- How will the farmer get Fluffy back?

- Why does she have rope tied around her leg?

- Has this happened to her before do you think?


Sentence challenge!

Can you describe how Fluffy might be feeling at this moment? Perhaps you could start a sentence with a feeling (or feelings), whilst using adjectives to describe.

E.g. Nervous and panicking, Fluffy drifted up through the wispy, white clouds.

Terrified, Fluffy couldn't believe how quickly her lush, green field was shrinking beneath her.



Today, visit the links below and complete the activity to continue your coding knowledge and development: