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Additional Tasks


Have a go at some of the activities below to get your heart pumping and staying active! Good luck with the challenges, some are harder than they look!



Speed Bounce Challenge

Star Jumps Challenge

Stork Balance Challenge

The Plank Challenge

Squat Thrust Challenge

Sock Throw Roll Challenge

Writing task:


Question time!

Use the image above to answer the questions below using full sentences:


- Who is the girl in the picture?

- Where has she come from?

- What stories have been told in her village for centuries?

- What do you think she hopes will be inside the house?

- What will she actually find inside?

- Why is she all alone?

- What are the golden specks of light that appear at the front of the picture?

- How has the girl found this place?


Perfect picture!


Can you draw what it is like inside the house? What does the girl see as she enters?


Sick sentences!


These sentences are ‘sick’ and need help to get better. Can you help?


The girl walked towards the house. She felt scared. She opened she door.



Times Table Rock Stars:


A target in Year 5 is for you all to improve at your knowledge and speed of knowing your times tables and division facts. Today, and everyday, make sure you log into your account and practice your times tables and division facts. It will really help in maths when we return as you will be using them in nearly every lesson after half term! Click on the image below for the login page:



Click on the image below. When you are on the website click on the 'Practice/Test' link (it has a red free sign next to it), to practice the spelling rule for today.