Hooke Court

Today Monday,2nd October, the children of Nyewood CE  junior school went on a very long coach journey to Hooke court. One group (group two) went to the forest and built dens, the other went to do team building. When we went to do den building we were using twigs and placing them against trees. One had an indoor and an outdoor fire. The children made seats in the den, food storage and one even made a game. All the dens were different, showing passion in every build they were all shaped differently prisms, pyramids even claw shapes. Some groups even made chants, they may be long or short but they were all very fun to sing.

Tuesday 3rd October

Today, in group 1, we had our Greek day and spent all day learning all about what they were like and what they ate. The first activity was doing Greek cooking; we also got to eat them and they were delicious (at least most of it). The second thing that we did was painting -  we had to paint the first coat before lunch. After lunch we designed the pattern that we were going to use for our plates. Then we painted it on with ink. Next we learnt about democracy and how different states in Greece had different traditions. Then we learnt about gender differences and marriage in Athens and Sparta. We also learnt about the battles and had a go at being an Ancient Greek warrior. 

In group 2, we went to the farm which was incredible. We saw the sheep, pigs and piglets. Chris fed the animals and told us about what happens to the male and female pigs. Next we made some homemade recipes and compared them to shop-brought food. The food was really good! After lunch we went to the farm and saw a massive bull. We also found out what happens to female and male cows. Additionally, we saw the cows being milked. We also saw the big milk machine and had a sample of milk. 

In the evening, we all had a campfire and they told us Greek myths. They were really funny and gory.