Kingswood Residential March 2017

Kingswood Reports

Day 1

First yesterday morning at 8.15 we got to school. We then put our suitcases on the coach and went off to Portsmouth. After we go there, we went onto the ferry. We were on the top floor and the boat was swaying side to side. It was really fun. When we got the Isle of Wight we got back onto the coach and drove to Kingswood. Then we had our lunch, went on a tour, played a few games and went to look at our rooms. Our room is quite big and we had to make our own beds. Lots of us found it really hard but we helped each other! After that, we went and played some team building games with Guy & then we went onto our first activity which was Aeroball. It was really fun! It is playing basketball on a trampoline. We scored the same when we had a match! We went for a really nice dinner then afterwards we went to the mini olympics. Our lane was really slippery and we feel over lots of times! Then we went for hot chocolate before we went back to our rooms for bed. 

Oscar W & Ben S 

Yesterday we went to the Isle of Wight. We came to school at 8.15 and then we got into our groups. Our group was Alice, Nikole, Gaby, Polina, Maddie S, Freya, Jakub, Freddie, Baylee, Bertie, Alfie F and George S. Then we went into one of the coaches with our luggage. We got to Portsmouth at about 10am, then we went onto the ferry. When we got back to our coach we drove off the ferry & came to Kingswood. It's really nice here and was really exciting to see everything. Dinner was really nice, it was a roast dinner! As it was Alice's Birthday she had brought everyone some brownies & she had a birthday cake. We all sang happy birthday to her! She was really embarrassed! We are really looking forward to all the activities today. 

Nikole & Alice


Day 2


Yesterday was really fun! We went abseiling, on the zip wire, aeroball, we went up a massive hill & tried to light a fire! The best bit was abseiling because it was scary but really fun. I got to jump off the wall as we went down! 


 The activities are really fun here and the food is amazing! We did lots of activities yesterday but for our last activity we went abseiling! The first time I went up I got to the top & I was really scared! I stood on the edge but I still couldn't do it so I came back down the ladder. I watched everyone else go & all my group were telling me it was fun. They were cheering me on so I went back up. With the instructors & my teammates I went down! I felt both happy, sad and scared but I'm proud of myself that I did it. All my friends cheered for me!