Year 2 - Year 3 Transition

Year 2 – Year 3 Transition

 Our aim at Nyewood Church of England Junior School is to provide a smooth transition for children joining us from not just from Nyewood CE Infant School but other Infant Schools in the area.  At Nyewood we are fully aware of what a challenging and daunting time the transition period can be, both for children and parents.  Therefore, we are continually assessing our transition arrangements in order to provide the best transition process we possibly can in order to nurture and care for your child. 

 As well as the more ‘formal’ process of transition, Nyewood Junior and Infant Schools work closely together throughout the year.  This includes, Infant children watching key productions and performances at the Junior School and vise-versa, our Reading Buddies scheme where Year 6 children pair up with their Year 2 Reading Buddy for 20 minutes each week and children sharing the field during lunchtimes in the summer months.

 Our current formal transition arrangements begin at the end of the Spring term when the Infant School staff look at the current Year 3 groupings. This information is then used to help group the current Year 2 children. A number of factors are taken into account when grouping the children in order to try and achieve a ‘best fit’.  These include: friendships, academic ability (all classes are mixed ability) and sex (so there is a balance between the number of girls and boys).  Once this has been established, our Year 3 and 4 class teachers meet the current Year 2 teachers to spend time to discuss each individual child in terms of their academic ability, social ability and their personality.

Year 2 children are then ‘buddied’ with a Year 3 child from their new class and carry out a number of visits and activities with their buddy as well as their new class teacher and teaching assistant throughout the summer term, in order to become more familiar with their new surroundings.  This culminates in a full Transition Day at the beginning of July where the Year 2 children will spend a full day in their new Year 3 & 4 classes with their new teacher. 

 A ‘New Parents’ Meeting is also held at our school at the beginning of July in order to introduce ourselves and provide information regarding our school.  This also gives you a chance to meet your child’s new class teacher and classroom.

 As part of our continual improvement process, both Nyewood Infant and Junior Schools survey the Year 2 and Year 3 parents annually to gauge their views on our process before and after the transition has been completed. We always welcome feedback so we can continually improve.