Our school rules and reward system was revamped in 2010, which was led by the School Council in consultation with children and staff.

 At Nyewood CE Junior School we have Five Golden Rules, which we believe are fundamental to follow, not only for our school but in life.  These are as follows: 

  • We are kind, thoughtful & helpful to others;
  • We listen carefully to everyone and wait our turn to speak;
  • We respect all belongings, equipment and people;
  • We always try our best and set a good example to others;
  • We support each other.


 Children are rewarded for demonstrating Christian Values and following our Golden Rules as well as for producing good work and having a positive attitude to learning.  Children are rewarded in the following ways across the whole school: 

  • House Points

All children are allocated a House, which are named after the four churches that we are linked with.  Children earn points for their House and the House Points Trophy is presented each Friday to the House that have earned the most points.


  • Class Rewards

Each class has a jar which is filled with handfuls of pasta when the class have worked well.  Class rewards are to encourage teamwork and co-operation with the class working to a common goal.  When the jar is filled, then the whole class share a previously agreed reward.


  • Golden Rewards

Each child has a Golden Reward Card which is filled in when the child has produced an exceptional piece of work, contributed well in a lesson or shown excellent values.  There is space for ten entries.  When this is filled, the children take their card to Mr Williams, our Headteacher, and are then presented with a certificate in assembly.


  • Headteacher’s Tea Party

Each week, in Friday assembly, every class teacher nominates one of their class members to attend the Headteacher’s tea party for showing excellent values and for following the Golden Rules that week.  In the afternoon, the ten nominated children enjoy a tea party with Mr Williams in his office and receive a certificate.


 As well as the rewards listed above, some classes operate additional systems including Table Points, lining up awards etc.  We also have an Attendance Reward System in operation (see Attendance Page).