We actively encourage good attendance at school in order for children to maximise their learning potential. Lessons are planned in sequence and build upon the skills learnt previously, therefore, if children miss lessons, then they will be at a disadvantage.

Our school target is for everyone to achieve at least 95% attendance. In order to reward children with good attendance, each Monday a report is produced to show which class has the highest attendance for the previous week.  This gives them the chance to win the attendance cup which they then get to keep for a week in their classroom.  There is also a draw for children who have achieved 100% attendance for the term.  A child from each year group will be randomly selected to win a prize culminating in a Grand Prize for the winning child who has achieved 100% attendance for the whole school year.


What to do if your child is ill

Naturally, there are occasions when children are unwell and need to have time off school. If your child is absent due to illness, please phone the office on 01243 825871 by 9.00am on the first day of absence and please send a letter in with your child on return. If we do not have a reason for an absence it will be recorded as unauthorised.




“Miss School… Miss Out!”